The story behind Peter Minuit brand began way back in 1580 when a little boy was born in Wesel, Germany. He was named Peter Minuit. Little was known that he would be creating history by ‘purchasing’ Manhattan from a Native-American tribe in 1626 for the legendary price of $24. This was the historic era when the visionary Peter Minuit laid the foundation for the present New York City.

Peter Minuit watches are an extension of the personality of ‘Father of present day New York’ - the city widely known for its diverse and multi-ethnic fabric. These characteristics, combined together, craft the exclusive collection of watches that mirror the charm of New York, of the bygone and the present.

Brand inspiration

In New York, inspiration is everywhere; the iconic structures, the vibe and the feel of this eclectic city. Mirroring the charm of New York, Peter Minuit is a classic example of detailing and craftsmanship. At Peter Minuit, we are keen on letting our identity shine through the brand. Each timepiece beautifully captures the essence, the vibe, the soul of the NYC region. Possessing a Peter Minuit watch makes you feel like owning a piece of the New York City.

Neitherlands Monument Flagpole base located in Battery Park dipiciting purchase of Manhattan Island by Peter Minuit, the Dutch merchant, in 1626 from the native Americans for trinkets & beads worth 60 guilders.

The Shorakkopoch rock located in Inwood Hill Park in New York depicts the historic purchase of Manhattan Island by Peter Minuit.

New Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion located at the Peter Minuit Plaza was gifted in 2009 by the Kingdom of the Netherlands in honor of 400th Anniversary of Henry Hudson’s arrival in New York Harbor.

The Battery’s Plaza is named after the enterprising Dutch DirectorGeneral who in 1626 consolidated the early settlements at the tip of Manhattan. This is a site where history meets the future.